Data Storage

Mobile Phone Data Storage Tips on storing your data on your phone: Your Storage is almost full Expand your memory - by simply adding a MicroSD card to your Android phone Delete unused Apps’ – if you need them in the future you can simply download it again! Back up camera pictures – back [...]

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WiFi Calling

WiFi Calling If you get patchy signal at home or work, or even no signal at all, you're now able to use your home/work WiFi to make and receive calls and text as normal. This is currently only available to the EE network and is not available on all handsets as yet. Currently the iPhone [...]

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Pocket Landline

Pocket Landline This is a service that offers all of the benefits of a landline, without the landline. It allows you to get a local landline number that rings straight to a mobile so important calls aren’t missed. You will be able to request a number that is prefixed by ‘01432’, however, the numbers are [...]

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