Agri-Phones division

We know about agriculture and are aware that working within agricultural or farming regularly means working in challenging conditions for long hours.

Whilst many individuals still prefer the basic handsets which we can provide, others are aware that there are now many apps and features that have been specifically designed for the agricultural sector.  These apps can often save time and ultimately money, to include:-


GPS Systems


There are many precision farming tools on the market now that enable farmers to accurately spread fertiliser where needed.  These apps and technology link back to your mobile

 Livestock Management Systems


With more data management needing to be recorded with the movement of stock you can save this data onto your smartphone from the mobile devises used with the stock

 Calving Sensor Alarm

Moocall App Logo

Let your cow now send you a text when she’s calving by using the latest Moocall technology.

Talk to a Global Phones account manager for prices on the Moocall device.

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