Pocket Landline

This is a service that offers all of the benefits of a landline, without the landline. It allows you to get a local landline number that rings straight to a mobile so important calls aren’t missed.

You will be able to request a number that is prefixed by ‘01432’, however, the numbers are system generated and therefore you cannot be more area specific. The terms of contract is 12 months. To have one landline number that can be transferred to up to 5 mobile numbers for a monthly charge of £15 + VAT. If you only required one landline number to go to one mobile number then it would cost £10 + VAT.

We can confirm that the customers are charged at a normal local charge rate and there are 1000 minutes included in the monthly charge rate to the business.

A portal is set up online and the pocket landline is managed by you, the customer. The portal gives you the opportunity to set up your preferences who the calls go to. Please note that all mobiles must be on a EE small business plan.

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